Welcome to Yearkai Angadi Family 

Yearkai Angadi, A product by Aalam Herbals is sustainable Skin, Hair, Health & Baby Care product, We outsourcing the products from Aalam Herbals since February 2019. There are so many Organic pages in the market nowadays that make us difficult to shop and also those products are non-affordable for every people, our goal is to help all set of people to buy the right products at affordable costs.

About Aalam Herbals: 

Aalam Herbals is a Homemade product that is manufacturing by 3 Generations. (Ayurveda Based)

Mrs Maheswari Founder of Aalam Herbals is The iron Lady behind all our products.

She will do all kinds of products including customization, if customers have any Severe issues in their skin, Hair& Health For that we can provide customised products(Additional charges may be Included) we don't have too many varieties in our products, only manufacturing limited varieties and quantities to provide Good and fresh products with amazing results.

Here comes about Babycare Products: 

All our products are unique and special but when it comes to babies we made them with extra care and love. Customization for baby care products is welcome.

Results and expiry:

We usually prefer to use our products by a minimum of 48-60days for good results, in case they didn't see any difference in that mentioned period means, the customer may be affected with an issue harshly, so keep continuing our products.

There is no expiry for our products if you properly use them, keep all kinds of packs and powders in the airtight containers use dry spatulas or spoons.

Keep all kinds of bars in a dry place or containers.

Take oil and creams by using dry hands or spatulas.

Online chat support will be available for all your inquiries.

Founder’s Corner - Madhumitha Ravichandran & Anand R 

Hi, I’m Madhumitha, I am an entrepreneur and passionate Home baker, I started Yearkai Angadi when I was 21years old, during my schoolings & college  I took care of my skin and health with self-made products, Once after started working in a private company I couldn't find the right time to take care of my skin and health. At the same period, I have a second thought of starting my own business by God’s grace I came to know about my aunt and her products. 

Started using it regularly for myself and was stunned about her pricing because I had gone through a few organic pages before but just quitted an idea of purchasing because of the pricing level. A sudden spark snatched my mind, why don't you start a business with these amazing products to reach all sets of people.

I don't have any second thought of starting a business, just informed my dad about this and discussed it with my pal Anand, we finally named our page Yearkai Angadi.

We have our customer base for our products without any paid collaborations or promotions with familiar faces or influencers.

Now started sourcing pure and safe products from different places with reasonable prices.

Certified products

Pure & Safe

No Harsh Chemicals 


Unisex products

Traditional Methods

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